Divine Intervention

Tune in to the Worldview and listen to America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host as they turn to the only hope we have to get back what was lost.

We explore the uncomfortable truth surrounding the utilitarian pathology of “lockdowners“, and why they will never want to stop. We’ll ride alongside the NYPD as ANTIFA spits in their faces. And we’ll rediscover the false narrative that is “Hands-up, don’t shoot”, and the American GLAVLIT inspired censorship dedicated to preserving it. (Especially shutting down Shelby Steele).

Journey with us on to Europe where the latest wave of Moslem slaughters continue against white people, and to Nigeria where Islamists Boko-Haram slaughters black people.

What are reasons number 1,191, and 1,192 to get or keep your kids out of the government schools? Masks and hatred of Jesus Christ!

Oregon has taken the next logical step toward a complete dystopian hell-scape by legalizing heroin, coke and crystal meth. With Missouri following close behind, electing Black Lives Matter terrorist-agitator Cori Bush to congress.

All that along with news of the election, predictions, projections, depressions, frauds, cowardice, the bird whisperer, and a word of warning regarding governance by legislation and democracy.




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