Conservative Talk – The Weekly Worldview: Purgatory

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While Tim Tebow languishes in a no man’s land somewhere between Manhattan & the Meadowlands, Viking’s punter and homosexualist Chris Kluwe, (although he insists he’s not “gay” himself) steps up to be the latest immoral voice of the NFL at the rim of hell.

The “right” reverend Billy Graham has chosen his pagan in the presidential horse race, and is encouraging other de-vangelicals to do the same in spite of his fondness for quoting scriptures like 2 Corinthins 6:14.

The atheistic scientific community that has insisted for a century that they have assumed the place of God in our secular society are all in a snit over the manslaughter conviction of a few of their fellow high priest for failing to accurately prophecy about an impending earthquake that left hundreds of worshipers dead in Italy, while British enviro-hucksters tell us they are on the verge of producing hydrocarbons from the air!

And our neighborhood… Jessica Ridgeway’s neighborhood remains on edge as we begin to come come to grips with the background effects of the epidemic of crime we’ve been told we must accept in a “free” society. Our chains are rattling in the suburbs and the city…

And the state of justice in America you ask? In Florida a man convicted of murdering eight in the nineteen seventies remains alive, while a burglar in California sues the homeowner who returned his fire.

And in Texas, (which we’d hoped was the last free country on earth) conservatives and Personhood advocates have won a battle to defund Planned Parenthood, (but their RE-publican government continues to provide the pills and abortifacients that choke off the progeny of the poor).

Normal homeowners are being sued for refusing to rent a room to a couple of queers, the Democrat party is frothing at the mouth to personally kill your baby, America isn’t sure what the term “marriage” means anymore, our universities are more “gender inclusive” than truth inclusive, suicide is killing more soldiers than the Taliban, a tranny is the new face of our armed forces, the Philistines are at the gates, and the homosexualists have given a new meaning to the “1%”… well, actually the 3.4%… go figure.

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