American Superbug

Join your favorite conservative talker along with his extremely attractive audio engineer as they explore the stories you might have missed, might have ignored, and some cases, may not have wanted to know about at all…

There’s RGIII the uppity christian, the FDA ordering abortion pills be made available to rapists and 15 year-olds, a torrent of adulation for a washed up basketball player because he told us about his sex life, and a new form of Gonorrhea more scary than MRSA or AIDS!

On the bright side we feature a 2 year old girl who has received a new windpipe thanks to stem cells, (her own)!

But don’t get to feeling too good, we also have hero of the Tea Party movement, (and participant in the 2012 bowel movement known as the Romney Campaign) Paul Ryan endorsing homosexuals adopting kids, free condom delivery to teenagers in California, and the demented ravings of a perverted California Assemblyman who thinks kids should be assigned whatever gender they, (or their molesters) choose, and then pee accordingly…

There are thigh gaps and orthorexia for all in this weeks show! Along with Court’s Martial for Army Chaplains should they preach a little too effectively, and finally: pictures from Benghazi!

Bloomberg’s pride: a well regulated murder epidemic.

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper’s dilemma: how to better regulate dope, sodomy & murder.

Ohio’s thin ray of sunshine: executing a child rapist and murderer.

And the new battle foisted upon Boston, the cradle of American civilization… “Spare the bombers for the sake of the lawyers!”

It’ll all make sense when you download the most controversial conservative talk show anywhere!