The Remnant

While a host of conservative talkers will address the issues surrounding the big stories this week, your host, (and his extremely attractive audio engineer) will be the only one with the bold predictions and insights that strike to the heart of why the stories matter, and what must be done about them!

From the stylistic differences expressed in the work of Kermit Gosnell (as compared with those of Margaret Sanger & her organization “Planned Parenthood“), to the fear of fetal Personhood heard in the voices of Alan Derschowitz & Gloria Allred when discussing the dungeon, (and aspiring abortion clinic) in Cleveland, and on to Benghazi, where Barry allowed Christopher Stevens to be killed, we tread the Atlas to bring you a view of events that you just won’t get anywhere else this side of Judgment Day.

There’s Tea Party favorite Paul Ryan and his support to make us all internet tax collectors, Hillary lying to congress, (but not under oath), the Governor of Delaware celebrating passage of his new homosexual marriage law, and CNN and a heathen professor explaining to us where morals come from.

But wait, there’s more: Jodi Arias appears as a fine representative of her generations understanding of Judgment Day, in asking for the “freedom” of her own death, an ABC newsman appears as an ABC newswoman, Hitler’s pink swastika is showing, while the truth about homosexual John Maynard Keynes nearly get’s a Harvard professor killed!

Then there’s the vacuous college student in Texas who printed a gun in an attempt to prove that God is not sovereign, Tim Tebow tops Forbes’ “most influential athlete” poll while out of work & selling chicken sandwiches, Bill Ayers conveniently forgets the people he killed while bombing with the Weather Underground, Cher’s mom admits she couldn’t murder her baby, (Cher that is), and the neighborhood in Cleveland where the three kidnap victims were found reveals America’s third world, post Christian reality.

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