Black Genocide

Join America’s most extremely attractive audio engineer and her favorite conservative talk show host as the news of the week takes on a completely unexpected tenor…

We examine the fight in the Dominican over the American import of perversion via an openly homosexual ambassador (confirmed bundler, and possible ex-boyfriend) of Barack Obama.

The Pope has of late, made possession of child pornography a crime in Vatican City while exorcists are looking for subliminal immorality in the anything but subliminal body of work vomited forth by Madonna!

In Texas oil production has tripled even as liberty’s been halved, but the hearts of the mothers have been turned against their children by a culture that teaches that murder is an option.

But on an encouraging note, Rand Paul breaks with his dad and introduced a bill recognizing the God given right to life & Personhood of all innocent people!

Parents and psychiatrists are colluding to abuse and corrupt children, but in Indiana there’s still a county clerk who’ll have you arrested for lying about your God given sex!

Secessionists in Northern Colorado are threatening to abandon the heathen, socialist south, your host examines the documented size of our solar systems “inhabitable zone” and the incredible precision of the earths orbit, while advising the environmental doomsayers to stop scaring American children into mental breakdown.

And while the media of the entire western world bellows with sound and fury over the death of a black kid in Florida, not a peep is heard as humanists plot the murder of millions of black Africans…

The birthrate in America is at record lows, the Just-a-System’s “catch and release” program for violent criminals continues to churn out bloodshed and well fed lawyers, Iran is still building a Bomb, and civilization itself hags precariously in the balance between trustworthiness and mankind’s tendency to destroy everything he builds…

But we don’t let it get us down and neither should you. Because along with a small group of conservative talkers, teachers and preachers… it’s we that hold the solution & the hope for all the world. Enjoy the podcast;