Heavy Elements

Join Conservative Talk powerhouse Doug McBurney and his extremely attractive audio engineer as they bring you the scientific, cultural, & religious news of the week.

We begin by finding out why Marine Sgt. Joseph Chamblin urinated on some Taliban, (after killing them of course) and why he’s glad he did it and would do it again! Meanwhile the Moslem fanatics in Egypt continue the persecution of Christians while the humanist neo-cons who lost Afghanistan & Iraq continue to insist Democracy can save the world from Islam…

Back in America a felon who escaped the death penalty has imposed it upon a 4 year old boy in Washington, a 10 moth old baby’s gotten into grandma’s stash of methamphetamine, Hillary advocates for the killing of black kids, (just not Travon Martin), and Ben Bernanke admits not only that he’s printing money, but that when he stops, the economy will suffer the Bernanke “tank”!

From the Science!…really? file we have evolutionary theorists postulating that heavy elements & gold came to the earth via a rather fantastic Rube Goldberg feat of cosmic reverse osmosis, instead of looking to a man imminently more qualified to speak on the subject: Colonel, Ranger, Paratrooper, West Point Graduate and M.I.T. Ph.D. Walt Brown. We highly recommend his book: In the Beginning!

And while Ray Comfort exposes the unscientific imaginings of college professors and other evolution “imaginers”, a Cambridge educated professor who wants to become a paraplegic to satisfy her enormous mental illness proves that modern higher education, undermined by a godless up-bringing and a culture cleansed of all judgment is producing the craziest of people.

Scientists reach an enormous milestone in the treatment of Downs Syndrome… you know Downs Syndrome right? It’s one of the the disabilities for which you can kill the baby. (At least that’s according to the new law written by National Right to Life & “pro-life” legislators in Texas). And signed by shameless huckster and liar Rick Perry.

And immorality is on display right out in public, with people having lost all inhibition and shame about promoting sin and evil. We’ve got basketball wives regulating adultery in their marriage, professional liars advertising online, English Bishops endorsing homosexual marriage, and even the Queen of England ratifying deviant perversion as equal to biblical marriage. (In between checking on the royal baby watch of course)…

On the bright side; in Wisconsin a great American has introduced a bill to make the murder of any innocent person illegal, and in Pennsylvania a 15 year old boy rescued his neighbor from a kidnapper!

But on college campuses male students are openly admitting that they support killing unborn children because the really just want to have sex with more girls… Heavy topics indeed!

Grab the Podcast and hold on for some of the most jolting conservative talk this side of Judgment Day!