Bottom of the Slope

America waited with baited breath to hear the penultimate conservative talk show host’s response to the Duck Dynasty controversy, and now here it is! Well, at least a bit of it…

We also cover the astonishing fact that with a West that has decriminalized crime and worships deviance, Vladimir Putin can now give a fairly convincing speech that it is he and Mother Russia who have, by default, become something of a moral compass for the world.

Peak oil is about to peak again as socialists who push paper related to the production of oil in Mexico divest of Pemex in favor of private businessmen who actually produce oil. We give reasons number one &  764 to get or keep your kids out of the government schools. And we discuss the cowardice behind a judges ruling to destroy the cross on Mt Soledad in San Diego.

We discuss the teen porn addiction problem, Affluenza, the police state, and the Sheriffs who can save America if only they, with our encouragement, would apply their power to stop the killing on innocent children in their jurisdictions…

Then there’s the RE-publican advocated against free lunches in favor of subsidized lunches, (administered by his committee), The growing discontent in the South China Sea, the Chinese invisibility cloak, new information on the process of physical death, the language of DNA, lightning, rocks, mountains and the age of the earth, and finally, the real meaning behind Jesus advice to render unto Caesar the things that are Caesars, and to God the things that are God’s.

Get a mind-ful from America’s foremost conservative talker and his extremely attractive audio engineer! Click the podcast below: