Into the Valley

This week conservative talk powerhouse Doug McBurney and his extremely attractive audio engineer show once again that the decline and fall of Western Civilization need not be boring, (nor inevitable).

We analyze the liberal dream of “green” energy against the reality of unpredictable delivery of electricity to the American power grid, and the even bigger liberal dream of a tax on all wealth, (a tax even on liberal Obama voters who don’t consider themselves very wealthy at all…)

Discover Nelson Mandela’s support for the Lockerbie bomber & Palestinian terrorists, the audacity of hope Jews have to pray on the Temple Mount, Obama’s Hanukkah insult delivered right in thew face of his Jewish guests, and Iran’s announcement of advanced uranium enrichment technologies that are (surprise!) in compliance with the deal they successfully negotiated with “leading” world “powers”).

Then there are the hostages held on Barry’s watch, (added to brother Saeed Abidini are Americans Alan Gross held hostage in Cuba & Ken Bae in North Korea) to whom neither Barry, nor the supine American press grant even a passing interest.

And while liberals and lawyers resist the idea of legal Personhood for people, they are willing to discuss it’s application to apes and other animals… And not just in court, where the ridiculous has come to be expected, but even at Yale!

You’ll hear about Elton John advocating sodomy upon Russian children, teachers downloading pornography at school, a pill to make it easier for men to have care free sex, the American birth-rate dropping again, and more American boys talking like “valley girls”.

It’s a perspective you may not hear on other conservative talk shows, but it’s certainly worth a listen at the podcast below: