Draw the Line

Talk is just talk, even if it’s conservative talk. But this week your host puts talk into action! Here the tale of the priest who stole his stuff, and then called the police! It’s all about confronting the leaders of institutions who fail in their responsibility to love their neighbors…

Then there’s the Albuquerque father who brought a peeping tom one step closer to repentance by beating him within an inch of his life…

As the cracks long present in the Big Bang Cosmology continue to be stressed by the data streaming in from outer space, we cover the controversial search for dark matter & dark energy in space, while relating the utter darkness that godless theory has wrought on earth, from the dad who tricked his girlfriend into killing their baby with an abortion pill, to the bride who had second thoughts about married life and pushed her groom off a cliff, to another dad who got upset with mom on their son’s birthday, so he murdered her.

Edward Snowden reinforced the need to call in a drone strike when he revealed classified details of the US/Israeli intelligence relationship, Moslems are conquering Christians in Egypt & Syria and forcing them to pay the jizya “protection money” tax in order to keep their businesses (and their heads). And in the face of all this the vaunted American military flexed it’s muscles, celebrating the first lesbian couple to be stationed together under the military’s “joint spouse” program. Fear not America…?

On 9/11 it was bikers vs Moslems in America’s capital. And while the bikers won this round, your host predicts that the warriors of Allah will prove too strong for the sons of disobedience in the long run, and that it’s the Christians, not the bikers that really represent America.

But the American government refuses to accept representation by the Christians, as evidenced by their insatiable desire to enslave people, and even christian ministries in welfare, while all the time lying to the young people and setting us all up for a calamitous fall

And there’s floods and tattoos, and H.L. Menken… suffice it to say you won’t find such a rich a mix of culture, politics and religion on any other conservative talk outlet, so you’d better download the podcast before it all comes crashing down!