This week your humble host and his extremely attractive audio engineer plumb the depths and scale the heights as no other conservative talk show can!

There’s free beer for Jacksonville Jaguar fans, but no Tim Tebow… hear what may be the reason this week, on the Worldview!

And Senator Ted Cruz dutifully voted to confirm an open advocate of deviant perverted sex to the federal bench, then set about bamboozling the Christians on his way to the White House. That’s right, vote in a queer, then mention God only in passing during your Harry Reid staged 21 hour lecture on how America can save herself, then arrange to photographed praying… You know folks… the same old routine… Want to win the RE-publican nomination? First, bamboozle the Christians!

In Pakistan an earthquake undermined the “old-earth evolutionary” cosmology model as it produced an island in a matter of minutes, not hundreds of thousands, or millions of years, Islamo-faciasts blew up All Saints Church in Peshawar, killing at least 85 of the faithful, and striking terror while America’s political leaders looked away.

And now President Obama is so obviously racked with an inferiority complex coupled with a serious personality disorder that Americans view Vladimir Putin as a more effective leader that he! Who could blame them as both Barry and Kerry prostrated our once good nation before a pack of Iranian murderers during last weeks UNGeneral Assembly!

Just before taking Barry’s call the Islamo-nazi Iranian leader Hassan Rouhani attended a rally back home calling for the destruction of Israel, which of course was interpreted by the White House as a sign that Iran’s leadership has “moderated”, leading John Kerry to shake hands with his Iranian counterpart.

Reports also indicate that administration advisers talked President Obama out of bowing before Rouhani, and even stopped him from chasing the Iranian dictators limousine down 1st Avenue after only a block and a half…

The  attack on a Jewish owned mall in Nairobi was even worse than we all thought, and anything but “random”. And while the attack was taking place, The Washington Post sought to send a little love to there man Barry, and solicit a bit of sympathy for the devil, er, um… president who is so unfortunate as to have to preside over such “unpredictable calamities”.

The man who achieved some notoriety in the 80’s as “the man who couldn’t catch AIDS” fell victim to his vile lifestyle anyway, committing suicide in the midst of the most “wonderful time of advancements” in the history of the homosexual movement, at the age of 66.

Meanwhile, the governor of Hawaii has called for more people to be sentenced to the hollow, empty & painful death so often achieved by those who enslave themselves to the homosexual deathstyle by calling for legalized homosexual marriage.

Matthew Shepard, it turns out was just a queer dope dealer killed by a queer dope dealer he’d been fornicating with, but listen in as the homosexualist community ponders the morality of telling lies to achieve their ends..

Baby boomers are not afraid to talk about death, (but avoid God like the plague), Abortion pills are sending surgical abortion clinics the way of the horse & buggy, America’s higher education system is a death-trap, Mitt Romney is securing his legacy as a reliable butt of sophisticated jokes, and in Georgia, even shooting a baby in the face won’t get you the death penalty

Other Conservative talkers may be distracted by the phony baloney, kabuki theater that is the “defund Obamacare” effort, but here we see through the smoke & mirrors to keep you informed about what’s really going on, and what you need to do about it! So give a listen to the podcast, and don’t get fooled again!