Join the Worldview’s extremely attractive audio engineer as she navigates the most compelling conservative talk anywhere with musical interludes to sooth the harsh reality of Truth without compromise…

This week we find ourselves overrun with homosexuals pouring out all over the nations capital and metropolitan areas in piles so deep as to provoke Gomorrah to jealousy!

And we hear the sad report about the young opponents of “same sex marriage” who have bought into the failed strategies of the pro-life industry and their never ending battle to raise funds and elect candidates, but to never quite defeat the evil they contend is so dangerous…

And in the wake of the collapse of marriage, the American Justice system continues to destroy both victim and criminal; allowing a mass killer to escape the death penalty and even insult his victims. The Catholic Church reasserts it’s moral corruption by granting Mass to baby killers, and the Boy Scouts look to a Supreme Court opinion to be the foundation of their right to be “morally straight”…. good luck with that boys.

And with epidemic proportions of sexually mature Americans carrying one venereal disease or another, and nearly half of all firstborn coming into the world to unmarried fornicators Americans long to find a leader upon whom they might cast their hope. Oh, where to look?

Perhaps its the 340 sheriffs who refuse to enforce laws abridging the God Given Right to keep and bear arms? No, those sheriffs allow innocent people to be legally killed within their jurisdictions. Perhaps it’s Rand Paul? No, his “Human Life Amendment” contains, in his own words, “thousand of exceptions“.

I know, it’s Rush Limbaugh… he’s our man! But Rush thinks we lost the battle against the destruction of marriage because we allowed the homosexuals to redefine it. Silly Rush, we lost marriage because “conservative” voices like his deny the fact that homosexuality is criminal.

Maybe it’s Ben Carson! Yes, Ben Carson! But Mr. Carson apologized for comparing homosexuals to other deviants and perverts, and insists that ” gay people should have all the rights anybody else has”. Proving that he too, at least at this point is unqualified to lead the battle against the wicked who are hell bent on corrupting themselves, those around them, and eventually… everyone!

And since we respect the idea of “fair and balanced” so much here at the Worldview, we’ll throw Hillary Clinton’s hat into the ring… but only as a token liberal feminist. She’s not qualified run a bingo match!

We also bring you reasons 675 to keep your kids out of the God-hating, demonic, corrupting, perverted, devious, lying, hateful, degenerate, government schools, another look into the foreheads of criminals, real fur sold as fake, and a Hollywood couple looking at reincarnation as their next reality show vehicle.

It’s all enough to break the heart of even the most conservative talkers and doers… but stick to the end to find out who it is that we can hang our hopes on in the battle for Truth in a world ruled by lies.