Conservative Talk – The Weekly Worldview: Signposts to Hell

America’s most important conservative talk show EVER takes on the RINOs at CPAC and the HOMOs everywhere else! This along with the implosion of the Romney Campaign, the U.S. Conference of Pathetic, um… I mean Catholic Bishops, Barry HO, Kathleen Sebelius, Madonna and 9th Circuit Court of Schlemiels…  And that’s just for starters!

While we laugh at the ridiculous, we address the serious as well. Such as the state of “normal” versus homosexual “marriage” and domestic tranquility in the land, Whitney Houston’s tragic end, the growing demand that full Personhood be granted to all, and the destructive influence of allowing those who should not live, to live… and smirk.

But back to the ridiculous: the RE-publicans who have avoided, dissembled and punted on the serious life and death issues of America for over a generation are faux-fighting to keep the name of “god” in our national motto, on our war memorials, and on an Air Force Unit Patch. Note to RE-publicans: God doesn’t like you taking His name in vain…

And on the International & geopolitical front, Barry HO says he has good intelligence establishing the fact that he doesn’t know what’s going on in Iran, John Bolton waves a red flag over Barry’s white flag in Afghanistan, and Marco Rubio is not a Natural Born Citizen! (But who cares).

And while the Catholic Bishops do their Kabuki theater dance with Sebelius & HO over the particulars of how America legally chokes off and slaughters the next generation, daughters from Southampton UK to Shippensburg PA are being defiled by “educators” more interested in deflowering them that teaching them.

And there’s Ellen Degeneres laughing at a million inept moms who demand neutrality from JC Penney in the culture war, but there’s also a West Texas dad who fought off a mountain lion with a pocket knife to save his son!

So all is not lost, but the signposts along the wide road to Hell are getting  mighty hard to miss. Enjoy the best conservative talk Podcast in the history of such things below…