Mailbag Meteors

You might tune in for the conservative talk, or the tunes, or the laugh of my extremely attractive audio engineer, but this week it’s the email from our enlightened and intelligent listeners that brings us the most pleasure!

Of course there’s news; like a report out of Las Vegas that proves my axiom that the free market, unrestrained by the Spirit of Christ is a dangerous proposition. And there’s the cries of “Peace, Peace” from within & without Iran as sudden destruction awaits

There were plenty of signs in the heavens this week, and we’ll leave it to you to decide if they were “unrelated” or not. A cop killer seems to attract fans these days, Fox News has signed up another liberal commentator Scott Brown, who lost his senate seat and joins Karl Rove, who lost America, an epidemic of V.D. is consuming the youth, government schools insist on letting boys be….. well, in this case girls! And the horsemeat scandal continues unabated.

But in Iceland they’re trying to ban pornography, and in North Dakota they’re trying to outlaw killing innocent people, and at Mt. Sainai Hospital in New York they’ve condescended to let nurses opt out of butchering patients!

A 67 year old entertainer is a new Father, Barry & Michelle are channeling Marie Antoinette & Loiue, the Mass Media is normalizing perversion, and Obamacare is waiting to devour whom it may…

Download the podcast and hear it for yourselves folks. Enjoy the conservative talk  and the tunes, along with emails from Darrell, Fred, Sam, Russ & Neil!