Join America’s most reviled & celebrated conservative talk show host, (along with the soothing sounds of his extremely attractive audio engineer) as the news of the week careens into eternal truth, forming a spectacular display of wisdom, entertainment and edification.

This week, in a special, unannounced mid-week broadcast we examine the redemption of a Mayan temple, how tolerance threatens the police in Chicago, and how the government profits from drunkenness.

The CDC announces that 20% of American kids are mentally ill, (that’s 1 in 5 for those who matriculated in the godless government schools)… and unlike the government PhD’s, we can tell you why.

We offer reasons 684 & 685 to keep, (or get) your kids out of the government schools, and explain how the same lack of moral instruction destroying the kids and the schools has led to the rise of Iranian madness, Syrian cannibals, & Nazi flags in Israel.

The homosexuals continue to pile out of the closet, but at least the Chinese government and a few Orthodox Christian priests in Georgia are doing what they can to stem the festering putrid tide…

Listen in as your host instructs Chris Matthews, er, I mean Wallace of Fox News Sunday on how he could have properly handled a prevaricating White House flack and secured his place amongst the giants of journalism…

We bring you an update from the Science! …really? file, as we further evaluate the foreheads of murderers in light of genetics, evolution, and the practice of evil.

We mock, belittle & eviscerate those who would allow those who should not live, to live, two who should have been killed, and a Colorado governor whose office should be taken from him and given to another.

Find out why it’s legal for doctors to kill the innocent, (old and young alike) while the state cannot execute the guilty, and how if it were left up to the humanists we’d all be disarmed, eating bugs and queer!

It’s all right here in the podcast folks, so go ahead… download it. You will not be displeased.