Negligent Tolerance

Join your host and his extremely attractive audio engineer as they frolic through another week of conservative talk and tunes!

At your local government school they’re hitting the panic button, while the Supreme Court prepares a June wedding between gross immorality and the fall of American Civilization!

The Drones may be our last hope of protecting ourselves against corruption, but even they can’t seem to stop the Chi-Coms from stealing all of our best ideas. But Barry Ho is charging forward against “climate change” even as the economic house of Bernanke teeters on the brink of disaster…

Domestic Tranquility becomes harder to secure as a negligent form of tolerance descends upon the nation. Colorado votes to expunge her adultery law while her universities & politicians insist that vomit and a whistle are all that are necessary to protect young women from the sexual predators produced by said universities and politicians.

Another rapper is gunned down on the Vegas Strip, Muslim criminals are beheading Christians in America, Orange County California sees another mass shooting, sex offenders defy GPS tracking, and Drew Peterson gets a few years in prison, while a Florida man faces the wrath of the Just-a-System for hugging a Manatee.

A second American Revolution is called for by a Wisconsin Sheriff who’s afraid to confiscate guns, but even more afraid to protect the weakest and most innocent citizens he’s sworn to defend. Bill O’Reilly is set to blaspheme Jesus Christ in print, (well, OK, as usual, he won’t actually write “Killing Jesus” but his name will appear as the “author”).

Mitt Romney will headline CPAC as host of the wake for the RE-publican party, and marijuana tourists are set to descend upon Colorado, but will likely avoid the taxes being levied on legalized dope by the dopes in the State House.

And finally there is the encouragement of a Christian Pastor languishing in an Iranian prison, being tortured and humiliated in order to force his apostasy. He says “Stay strong for His Glory. He will come back soon!” Our thoughts and prayers are with Pastor Saeed Abidini and his family as they bear the glorious burden of being a living testimony to the power of the Spirit of Jesus Christ!

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