Conservative Talk – The Weekly Worldview: The Great Fall

Join your favorite conservative talk host, (and his extremely attractive audio engineer) as together we focus on the events of the week through the lens of original thought.

This week there’s the winter hiatus for Occupy, as they de-occupy the urine stained & feces laden parks they’ve called home, and re-occupy their mom’s basements, (but not before celebrating peace, free love and equality with a brick to the face).

And there’s competing brawls… one at a soccer match in Egypt and one at a high school in Texas. And all this leads us to wonder aloud if it will be beneath the broken spirit of civilization that we fall, or will it be the volcanoes?

The Ayatollah and Mullahs have reiterated their commitment to killing of all the Jews, and now to attacking on American soil, and gaining a nuclear warhead. While Leon Panetta hurries to lose the Afghan war one year early in order to take advantage to the “occupy/Ron Paul” voting bloc in the upcoming election.

Oh, and for good measure he and Barry have decided to make nice with the Taliban by shipping some of their terrorist leaders out of Guantonimo, and off to terror vacationland in Qatar, (or wherever they end up)…

Barry Ho misquotes the Bible with a straight face, (and the alleged Christians at the National Prayer Breakfast provide the subtly intimidated cover afforded one who is lying to your face, while picking your pocket and defiling your daughter. (it’s no wonder the heathens and the atheists don’t take Christianity, and especially it’s leadership seriously).

And the thin veneer of civility that Planned Parenthood has crafted over the past century is beginning to crack; with donors to the Komen Breast Cancer industry, and parents of Girl Scouts being made painfully aware that the tentacles of the child killing leviathan extend to their favorite pink ribbons, and into the hearts, minds and pants of their daughters…

But don’t lose hope ladies and gentlemen. For even in those places that other conservative talk show hosts fear to tread; we stomp out a footprint from which the adversary will not emerge unscathed: Personhood is on the march in Arizona and Utah this week, Tim Tebow is still winning, Mitt Romney is not yet coronated, and the good guys still come out on top once in while.

God bless, and enjoy the Podcast below…