This Means War

While other conservative talk shows are busy hand wringing about the symptoms of a cultural collapse, we here at the Weekly Worldview diagnose the cause, and have proven solutions!

Solutions like mining the other planets for Hydrocarbons, executing those convicted of rape, molestation & murder, celebrating a growing human population, and again, executing child molesters, (did we mention executing child molesters, because we’re very serious about that one…)

On the Personhood Front, an Alabama court has ruled an unborn child is a person, (at least when it comes to operating a meth lab…) perhaps we, the sane, normal Christian people can encourage them to build upon that in order to oust the suicidal, homicidal idiot children who’ve commandeered the levers of cultural & political power and legalized the murder of an entire class of person. And by God maybe we can stop them before they throw us all in jail, or kill us!

Meanwhile, in France, hundreds of thousands refused to bow their knee to the god of homosexual marriage, (or was it mirage…), a shame it’s so late in the game for the Franks. But America’s not far behind them on the highway to hell, and over the rim!

Some American’s talk secession from the union, but others want their section 8 housing. Others listen to conservative talk, and think that’s enough. Others are still watching Jerry Springer, and still others just want to be paid for being a deviant! But apart from the foundation of the Living God and His Word, they are reduced to babbling fools!

But folks, ignore that guy on the prayer rug at the White House, he means you no harm. And ignore that other “woman of cover” clenching a Koran behind Hillary (who by the way is on her way to testify on Benghazi just as fast as her rather clumsy ankles can carry her).

And as fore the young people who think cheating is OK, and the strong should survive and the weak should die… don’t worry, they’re just living out the faith you taught them when you shipped them off to the government schools. Don’t worry, none of it means a thing… just war.

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