Without God

America’s most controversial conservative talker is back alongside his extremely attractive audio engineer for another death defying week of comprehensive, yet playfully fundamentalist social and political commentary!

Get the latest on that Motown female impersonator in attendance at Barry HO’s inauguration on Sunday morning, and find out if Tim Tebow will be playing for the Vatican this year! And listen in as a heathen mother describes the joys of raising her children “without God”, and what’s likely to come of it…

Then there’s the civil murder of two deaf Belgians ushering in a new low in man’s inhumanity toward his fellow man, a teacher so scared by 7th & 8th graders that she was forced into a very comfortable retirement, reason 641 to keep your kids out of the government schools, and a RE-publican who seems to want to regulate massacres!

While Barry HO and his hapless administration seek a better understanding of the Al Qaeda slaughter in Algeria, (but seems to have overlooked raining down hell and destruction upon the perpetrators), the alleged photos of the alleged corps of Osama bin Laden may NEVER be seen!

Whether or not there may or may not be a fungus on Mars, you know that your source for the best conservative talk on the web is right here at the Weekly Worldview. So capture the podcast, and let’s get on with the week ahead!