Unmask the Servants!

This week America’s most attractive audio engineer & her host look in on the servants and the children and discover that a sociopathic pathogen is endemic.

Discover with us how the tyranny of Gavin Newsom’s gone endemic, that insurance companies all over America are reporting a “COVID related” death surge, and how the Canadian government’s complicity in the crime of doxxing Freedom Convoy Truckers is reprehensible, but it pales in comparison to their many manifold sins & crimes.

The Scots can’t handle you handling the truth about vaccine risks, an epileptic patient in England has been killed because of unnecessary and dangerous FACE COVERINGS. And Elon Musk helps us with a lesson in basic economics and the difference between love and money.

Beefsteak is going behind the iron curtain at Walmart for fear of thieves, the City of Brotherly Love has produced a generation of hate as young as 12, and money the government stole in order to bribe their constituents has been used for a hit job in Miami!

Reason number 1,228 to get or keep your kids out of the government schools comes to us via the beat-down of a high school coach by middle-schoolers. While lobbying for Chinese Communist influence in the schools is now of less concern that the perverts teaching there for a generation.

Otherwise unimpressive adults seem to be obsessed with masking children and their servants and we’re getting mad enough to do something about it…

In Finland quoting the Bible can now get you charged as a criminal faster than pulling a smash-and-grab. The Church of England is calling a 6 year-old transphobic for being confused about gender confusion, Trannies are being led to believe that nature itself will change in light of their delusion, and Neil Young came quietly crawling back to Spotify, (but thankfully we’re not all being forced to listen yet).

All that plus Psalm 39, and friends of Jeffrey Epstein getting just what they deserve…





Collapsing Unrealities

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host as they unravel the unraveling of the unrealities lately being passed off as real.

Join Volodomyr Zelensky and Joe Biden on the phone, (or at least Zelensky was really there

Peer with us into Tony Fauci’s megalomania complete with his bobble-head, of him, on his desk! And look with us into the dark heart of Boris Johnson abandoning COVID restrictions faster than a BLM organizer absconding with bling & bags of cash. And hope against hope with us that the sinister forces behind the tyranny of late, (who were dumb enough to invest in Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes) might not be able to carry all this off much longer.

In Canada talk of gender bending & child killing are acceptable, while the views of fifty thousand “freedom truckers“, (and the millions of normal people supporting them) are deemed unacceptable by Justin Trudeau (before he hides).

Hear all about reason number 1,216 to get or keep your kids out of the government schools, (caution tape around the young, innocent & unvaxxed students), reason 1,215: the Marxist “director of ethnic studies” (or diversity officer or some such agent of D.I.E.) – married to a child molester, and then hear from stoner Michael Phelps who’s not sure how confused he is by trannies or anything else!

Then there’s reason number 1,217 – the clandestine gender identity crisis involving a 12 year old girl and school officials, sprung on her parents after her suicide attempt at school…

Jordan Peterson told Joe Rogan about the Bible in no uncertain term, and then resigned his tenured position at the university!

And Rogan’s success in podcasting has Neil Young and Joni Mitchell offering to cancel themselves! So we invite Fleetwood Mac, the Grateful Dead, and any other dreadful 70’s acts to join them.

All that and collapsing infrastructure, the nadir of the Just-a-System, featuring Michael Avenatti & Stormy Daniels, and a fond farewell to Donald McBurney; the dad who first told us that real men love Jesus!



Tyranny of Deviants

This week America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host dispatch with the phony outrage and get on with the real thing.

We’ll look in on archeologists confirming details of then Bible in the Middle East, and congressmen denying them from the dais at the “sacred” United States House of Representatives.

Find out how the soviet of Colorado can punish their peasants for potential crimes, how the party in China punishes political adversaries, and how we found out the CCP is the boss of the NYSE.

Hear about the dust up in DC in light of a year of unrestrained lawlessness, insurrection and the 2 billion murdered under color of law.

We advocate for the Death Penalty for anyone convicted of raping a child, for families instead of 501(c)3’s, and for everyone involved in Death Row records just just get on with dying already!

The ambulance in L.A. will come if you’re sick… but not too sick.

Hear how Neil Young shed any pretense of dignity he was faking, how the girl with the green beret is faring, and why Kim Kardashian is divorcing Kanye West, (and who gets hurt the most).

We make note of the BIG RISK big tech is putting everyone at when they usurp our free speech, and how the awfulness of Coronavirus is being healed mostly by politics, and will pale in comparison the fear we feel when Iran gets the bomb.