Tyranny of Deviants

This week America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host dispatch with the phony outrage and get on with the real thing.

We’ll look in on archeologists confirming details of then Bible in the Middle East, and congressmen denying them from the dais at the “sacred” United States House of Representatives.

Find out how the soviet of Colorado can punish their peasants for potential crimes, how the party in China punishes political adversaries, and how we found out the CCP is the boss of the NYSE.

Hear about the dust up in DC in light of a year of unrestrained lawlessness, insurrection and the 2 billion murdered under color of law.

We advocate for the Death Penalty for anyone convicted of raping a child, for families instead of 501(c)3’s, and for everyone involved in Death Row records just just get on with dying already!

The ambulance in L.A. will come if you’re sick… but not too sick.

Hear how Neil Young shed any pretense of dignity he was faking, how the girl with the green beret is faring, and why Kim Kardashian is divorcing Kanye West, (and who gets hurt the most).

We make note of the BIG RISK big tech is putting everyone at when they usurp our free speech, and how the awfulness of Coronavirus is being healed mostly by politics, and will pale in comparison the fear we feel when Iran gets the bomb.



The Caliphate and Other Life Events…

Join your host and his extremely attractive audio engineer in the first production of the Weekly Worldview since the host stopped listening to talk radio.

And it’s not like he had to try really hard like with smoking or something. Talk Radio simply lost it’s appeal. It’s the strangest thing… It’s a life event…

But we continue to read the news, mostly online, (despite the increasingly pornographic ads that seem to be everywhere all the time).

So tune in to hear about how newly minted criminal smokers beat the bureaucrats out of their stinking cigarette tax money, how adultery leads to murder, again, and absolutely nothing at all about Ferguson Missouri.

We take you to to Aiken South Carolina where the pledge of allegiance leaves out God, then puts Him back in, (but only in the pledge, for the rest of the school day it’s straight to Hell with jet rockets for everyone), to Compton California where the public school police force is requesting long guns, to Pasadena California where the next school shooting was averted, and then back to North Carolina where a Charlotte high school senior and her youth pastor miss the signs that it’s long past time to get your kids out of the government schools!

Private Bradley Manning is publicly complaining that the Army is not moving quickly enough with the mutilation “sex reassignment” surgery he was promised back when he first presented as a mentally ill traitor. And while the American army focuses like a laser on private Manning’s “life event”, the Islamic State is converting Christian churches into Mosques and terrorist headquarters, refugees are running, and crawling to escape beheading or worse in Nineveh province, British Jihadists are beheading Americans, and Barry HO is playing golf!

Finally, one of the founders of the ironically named “Death Row Records” narrowly escaped death himself at an award party for the illiterate Chris Brown, and a Spanish Senator is blaming the national debt on queers!