Shelter in Place

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host as together we shelter in place with you.

Hear about the 103 year old who allegedly survived COVID-19 in Iran, and how Cook County Illinois State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, one of the most horrible people on the planet, has survived the Jussie Smollett controversy.

Get continuing coverage of the swarms of locusts descending upon the Middle East.

And hear perhaps the only coverage of the fact that Democrat rising star Andrew Gillum was discovered in a motel room, less than 6 feet from a homo male escort and some “methamphetamines”.

The crime wave continues despite all that social distancing with a lawyer shot in Mississippi, 3 civilians and a cop killed by a suicidal, turned homicidal maniac, and real whistle blower Philip Haney shot to death, likely by someone covering for Barack Obama’s penchant for islamophilia…

Some parents are already reaching the breaking (and beating) point with the kids out of school, (and the best news around the Corona Virus panic so far is that so many government schools are CLOSED)!

In Philadelphia police are being told to turn a blind eye to crime.

And what’s worse? A senator who sells stock based on classified information, or a senator who votes for budgets that fund the murder of innocent children? Well, now we have both.

Hear about the surge in robberies while wearing a surgical mask, child killing considered “essential” in Massachusetts, and the effects of all this COVID unpleasantness on, (of course) the “trans community”.

Marvel Comics has gone “non-binary” and then lumped sexual deviants in with the obese, (which is an insult to the obese)!

And while we were all distracted with the unjustifiable non-stop flu panic news, there was another insider attack in Afghanistan where we are losing a war in painful slow motion.

All this plus genetic mutation in the Corona Virus being mistaken for “evolution” by dim-witted researchers hampered by Darwinian retardation, and Darwin’s “survival of the fittest” claim ostensibly proven, but then contradicted in the same report, and the birth of a child in the toilet paper aisle at Walmart… Interesting times indeed!



Civilizational Psychosis

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host as they survey the psychoses and the cure!

You’ll get everything from Red Light Cameras, to meteor impacts, and even more evidence of the historicity of the Bible!

Meet baby Edwin Fischer and Casey Swindell, the heroic deputy who by love, enforced Edwin’s right to life.

Hear about reason 1,186 to get your kids out of the government schools, (they could be physically killed), and find how much “mis-gendering” a tranny can cost these days.

Listen in to testimony of Alex Jones’ psychosis, and of murderer John Hinckley Jr’s gated golf course happiness.

Get our theory on who Jussie Smollet spent the night with in order to beat the rap in Chicago.

We ask why accused rapist and prominent Democrat politician Justin Fairfax is not on trial yet, and how it could be that a government school principle who admits he’s a serially fornicating homo could win a judgement against the hapless administrators who fired him!

And hear how open, flaming socialists have taken over Chicago, (along with the dykes).

Discover Matt Drudge’s odd obsession with Pete Buttigieg, Joe Biden’s career of lies, thefts murders (and how it might be the gropes that finally end it)!

All at the podcast below: