Weapons of War

Turn up the volume on America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host as they explore how we fight the fight that’s here & coming (and learn from the fights we lost).

We visit Buffalo in November, (and not just for the weather). We watch ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter turn their hate on Biden and the democrats. And we review the tragedies of Christian persecution in Lebanon & Moslem persecution in Mozambique.

We will laugh with you at Gavin Newsom’s lock-down hypocrisy, but remind you he is serious, along with other thieving, murderous perverted tyrants in England & Germany.

The child killing industry is changing the names of some of their biggest killing centers, (just to make it  “clear”) that they wish their eugenics founders be kept at arms length, while keeping children, (especially African children) well within the reach of their instruments of death.

Listen in to hear how all of the nations who won the cold war have been brought to the brink of conquest by a well coordinated attack of pornography.

A Christian school told Tom Watts to wear a mask. Toms Dad Jeff Watts now home-schools him. Dr. Roger Hodkinson explains why America ‘s most attractive audio engineer was right about the virus and the lockdowns all along. And if you think lock-downs and other mitigation efforts “slow the spread”? Tell it to the Marines!

And discover with us that the same week the long awaited “Danish Mask Study” was finally published, that the CDC and Duke University churned out another bit of academic fakery to justify their tyrannical  obsession with making everyone wear masks.

Rumors of a global cabal of rich, famous, (and otherwise) people running an international child abuse ring have once again been proven well founded, (and even referenced by President Trump’s lawyer Lin Wood)!

In Illinois an 81 year old former Marine took a shillelagh to some ANTIFA types, Megan Kelly is famously getting her kids out of the godless government schools, And Target is prostrating the very store Black Lives Matter looted before Black Lives Matter.

All that plus the bird whisperer, German accents in England, curfews and the homeless, toilet paper and windex, a day in the life, airplane rides and the full fury of the 2nd wave hysteria exposed.



Forty Days

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host as we all approach the “Forty-Days” point together.

We join Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s WWII movie in progress, the USDA in progress to a socialist America, and New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy in progress to tyranny.

Hear from an Arizona Sheriff warning of the Coronavirus Crime Wave, (we even cover the crime wave itself with it’s carjackings and arsons, and even criminal orders against gathering peaceably to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Socialists in Washington made unemployment pay better than work for some, (and for four months), while business owners who can’t now compete with unemployment face the real possibility of being sued in the wake of the litigation rich environment being created by the tyrants holding elected office.

You’ll get the opinion of Scott W. Atlas, MD on ending the lock downs and why.

In New York the governor and his “experts” who care so much about human life, they not only kept the abortion mills open during the pandemic, they also sentenced the elderly to die in COVID-19 positive nursing homes, while denying resuscitation to those who suffer heart attacks, (and the Governor is promising to do it again).

Government Public Service Announcements are asking anyone who went to the store if they “accidentally killed someone today”, and we asked the government about the (unborn) people they kill on purpose every day.

Skaters and dirt bike riders united to throw off tyranny in San Clemente!

In other news Canada’s worst mass shooting took place amidst the pandemic news black-out, Islamist  killers massacred over 50 people in Mozambique, and a Texas man committed suicide by cop, ambushing and murdering at least one officer in San Marcos TX.

All this along with filthy rags and dirty gloves as a coping mechanism, and why allowing the store to be open during the lock down means we never had to lock down after all.