The Silk Curtain

Listen to America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host as the document the tragic murder suicide closing in on Western Civilization…

The Coronavirus vaccines are more novel now than the novel coronavirus, and they are killing people at a rate deserving of concern, (and perhaps at least some common sense medical advice).

Chip and Joanna Gains are in the cross hairs of the hysterical children (again), middle school is a dangerous place to be, and Kellogg’s used to be Grrrrrrrrreat! Now they’re Grrrrrrrross!

A Silk Curtain is descending across the globe from Hong Kong to Taiwan,  to the Belt and Road of Africa, South America, and the western media & western “higher” education. But this curtain is not meant only to divide, but to conquer.

Had the COVID? Don’t get the vaccine, moron!

If the SARS CoV-2 virus was weaponized in the lab, the one thing we don’t have to worry much about is viruses being engineered in the lab…

Kevin McCarthy is a short-sighted, shallow, historically ignorant political animal who will be fed to the lions he tries to appease, Kevin Spacey is back to emcee the end of the world, and the theories on how to handle UFOs and Aliens might just sit in a DC desk like the Social Distancing theories until a time in the not so distant future that they become useful to the nakedly ambitious.

We’re down to 6%, Dwight D. Eisenhower was the last great man, and the Taliban have won the war in Afghanistan.

Iran is about to drop the bomb, the Marxist coup in America could be undone by the greed of it’s soldiers, but the damage they’ve wrought will be hard to overcome for the Military Industrial Complex.

BLM in England’s been decapitated, ANTIFA continues to hold Portland, and in Atlanta irony is still a thing.

All that and the crime wave, and the mass shootings, and a little girl in a mask letting us know there’s only one “good-guy” left.






An Uncommon Cold of the Mind

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host as they reach out to all those traumatized and oppressed by tyrannical lock-downs, lies and Marxist revolutionaries.

In the wake of the economic catastrophe caused by the lock-downs the Fed is buying private bonds now, (in addition to the public ones), nursing homes have been exposed as the refuge of extraordinarily selfish children, and New York is threatening violence against anyone not willing to submit to “contact tracing.”

Governor Gavin Newsom of California has locked down the wineries, (but not his and not Tesla), just as the “spike” in COVID cases appears to be a creation of bureaucrats changing who and what they count as a COVID case!

Meanwhile in Washington State tyrant Jay Inslee is ordering everyone to dress like ANTIFA. But science, Christian Liberty, and 5000 years of civilized behavior are not going to be overthrown for insane mitigation that has already proven to be a failure in places like North Dakota and Sweden.

But get ready! Just in case COVID burns itself out over the summer, the cult of the virus is standing by with a new Swine Flu to scare you with. As if people weren’t scared enough already!

Hear all about a fellow traveler in the Marxist revolution to overthrow first the police, and then the nation, (and then to enslave and kill the Christians) who slashed a 2-year old‘s face.

Donald Trump invited Marxist Obama acolyte Van Jones into the White House to help write Trump’s executive order attacking the police, mental deficients are calling the fact that “Ring” records reality a threat to civil liberties, and Black Lives Matter turns out to be just another Criminal Gang in the mold of the Mafia, (or the Chinese Communist Party).

The Attorney General is bringing charges against some rioters, while lawyers in black robes grant bail to terrorists who should be awaiting a death penalty trial.

All this while Robespierre’s descendants set up the guillotine, the Chinese Communist Party completed the taking of Hong Kong (in full view of the Brits who handed her over to them), and Ireland murdered more than ten percent of her posterity during her first year of legal child killing.

Vladimir Putin mocked the fall of the western empire via the homo-pride flags hanging from the hollow shells that once were western embassies, and Ghislaine Maxwell’s suicide was set in motion with her arrest.

All this plus Redskins, blackface, secret mouse traps, ducklings, an evolutionary theory of civilization, humor and concern instead of anger in the face of the Panic of 2020, and how the left is projecting onto us the anguish and misery they’ve been suffering with since November 8th 2016! All at the podcast below:







The Fauching

As America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host sense the awakening from a long, bad dream, they discover that the “Karens” intend to keep on dreaming.

And China appears to be making off with Hong Kong, in broad daylight, without a shot fired, in front of God and everybody…

Some doctors report more people committing suicide than dying of the virus, new evidence suggests an inadvertent or intentional event may have made the virus more lethal to humans, and we wonder if Americans will submit to lockdown in the fall.

The doctor is telling us the lockdown must end, The rapists the lawyers released are raping again, and antibody tests continue to bear good news, but the media is not listening.

Meanwhile in Burma, (presently Myanmar) pastor Tun N., who was kidnapped and assumed dead for over a year is back home with his family, alive and well, and preaching the good news.

We have some fun with the atheists and immaterial logic, Cover an Imam on a terror watch list addressing the Utah legislature, and discuss how the gender bending UN wants Ecuador to legalize murder in exchange for relief money.

Another mom in Washington State had some problems and chose murder as her solution.

Reason number 1,244 to get or keep your kids out of the government schools? Another rapist teacher.

We explore the depths of the delusion and the cult of COVID-19, and how it is that our parents did not break the world during a similar pandemic circa 1969.

In On Thursday May 14th, 2020, the tolerance of child molesters being forced upon us by godless lawyers caused James Fairbanks to snap, and murder convicted child rapist Matteio Condoluci.

A few obscure academics want “Climate Change” to be recognized as a morbidity on death certificates, (and we’re keeping an eye on them as we now know how dangerous a relatively small number of obscure academics can be).

All this and the sneeze seen round the world, the church that never closed, male stewardesses, life-guards & peaceful civil disobedience, the fix for last weeks podcast, and the definition of “Fauching”. All at the podcast below: