Sgt. Pepper’s

America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host open without apology, perform without excuse and then exit stage right.

A gun buy back illustrates the line separating bureaucrats from entrepreneurs, a Tulsa Public Schools teacher illustrates reason # 1,999 to get or keep your kids out of the government schools, and the same people who told it was OK butcher innocent children, are now holding the children hostage to fear in the public school buildings.

But the crew at disntr know the score, (even if they’re a bit uncomfortable announcing it).

Howard Stern came out of his crypt to symbolically take the baby boomer generation to an interminable dinner with Jimmy Kimmel. Kanye West is a civilized Christian, but he’s not as talented, or as bright as Tucker Carlson seems to thinks he is.

Waukesha Christmas Parade killer Darrell Brooks should be put to death for contempt of court.

Gavin Newsom and Judge Leanne Le Mon should be arrested for aiding and abetting child rape, Masterpiece Cake Shop’s Jack Phillips is right, but his lawyers are forbidden to say it, and a mentally disturbed woman is funding her mutilation by streaming her mutilation on social media.

There was a Day Care center Massacre in Thailand that barely made the news, Elon Musk might be a CCP member, Zelensky is calling for a first strike, Biden can see Armageddon through the brain fog and an elite pile of criminally insane sex perverts seem hell bent on provoking WWIII.

All that plus achievement tests at the old homeschool, Joe Satriani vs Steve Vai, who is Sgt Peppers anyway? And more…



The Theatre We Deserve

Listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host review the convicted, the commanded, the corrupted and the criminal to discover the leadership a nation needs, and deserves.

Find out how it is a convicted killer gets life, (+25, +5…), how the pop culture that bought and paid for R. Kelly (and his victims) finally admitted it was all a criminal endeavor, and just how sad Alec Baldwin’s old age is going to be with his children murdering his grandchildren.

We examine how the Pro-life industry “won” on Roe by sacrificing the right to life, Texas history & what the post-Roe “trigger Law” was all along, and how urinalists and “child abuse doctors” are making up stories for the post Roe regulatory environment.

Israel gives us even more evidence that the experiment in democracy is an embarrassing failure. Beijing’s latest 5 year “zero-covid” plan just might be the “zero CCP” plan. And the Howard Stern/John Hinckley Jr. ’24 ticket is right in line with the politics America deserves.

All that plus the US Army hiring insurrectionists to destroy them, the heartland replacing the founding fathers with nagging whiners, and God’s greatest revenge, life itself.