Death and Dishonor

Tune in as America’s most attractive audio engineer helps her host cope with a world that is not as it should be, in a time not at all as it was meant to be.

We’ll take you to Ohio where the domestic tranquility entrusted to our political and religious leaders was shattered once again with a home invasion, then to New Zealand for a respite from the madness amongst the rabbits and sheep.

We solemnly report on the murder of Charlie Gard, and the collective yawn of a civilization quite comfortable with child killing…

On to West Oakland where hip hopper Zion I was robbed at gunpoint, where the sperm count of Western Civilization continues to circle the drain, and where one might catch a glimpse of America’s proudly gender neutral aircraft carrier, the USS Gerald R. Ford.

And while leaders of the Pro-Life and Pro-Family Industries like Tony Perkins and Marjorie Dannenfelser appear to be good for nothing other than pumping out keywords associated with their upcoming fund raising campaigns, it falls to the likes of Hollywood actor James Woods to at least attempt to clearly stake out a moral position regarding right and wrong.

And while China’s client in North Korea prepares to revisit the abdication of our grandparents upon us, whether by missile strike or World War III, Apple shamefully chooses Chinese revenue over Chinese freedom.

But in America the talk is of gender rather than sex, (and transgender on top of all that), and  even simple justice, and what should be done with a child rapist escapes us.

All this and a lesson from Genesis via the killing of livestock at the the compound streaming at the podcast below:



Stop the Madness!

Welcome aboard! And do enjoy the show where America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host offer an alternative to the madness vomited out by Hollywood, the Judiciary, the Military, the Literati & the Intelligentsia…

We’ve got the Chinese stealing a Navy drone while our sailors watched in helpless obedience to their Commander in Chief, while an Senator John Cornyn was left to ask the next administration to save reporter Austin Tice from captivity in Syria!

Big Dirty Hollywood has won a court order shutting down the candy coated streaming smut of VidAngel, suicide is more popular than ever as a lifestyle choice, and the lives of the children of another famous TV couple are being torn apart in divorce with nary a batting of the eye.

In Italy the institution of marriage has been put on par with a weekend tryst. In England the psycho sex perverts who’ve destroyed the educational institutions are turning their hatchets to the language. And in America National Geographic is set to publicly abuse a mentally ill child already hopelessly abused as a trans-sexual by his family.

James Dobson is upset with John Kasich for disagreeing with him about how to regulate the murder of innocent children, but Tony Perkins answered the call of America’s leading conservative Christian Pastor Bob Enyart, for those who insisted their support for Donald Trump was necessary to STOP Hillary Clinton… to STOP Donald Trump from installing the man who sodomized the Boy Scouts as Secretary of State!

In Mexico the vigilantes and “El Tequilero” give a preview of where America is heading if lawlessness continues to tolerated among our governing officials.

The American Government schools continue to produce suicidal tendencies in the children the professionally abuse, and homicidal tendencies in too many of the rest!

And while Americans seem to consider wayward dog droppings worthy of a DNA database, the crime epidemic engulfing us doesn’t seem to warrant the same due diligence.

And finally; thank you to Joe Arpaio and his posse for an impressive, albeit most likely Quixotic) investigation proving that the birth certificate waved in our faces at his April 27, 2011 press conference was fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake!